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Protect Lake Macquarie’s Coastal Environment

Protect Lake Macquarie’s Coastal Environment

Greg Combet, Member for Charlton announced today that two local organizations in Lake Macquarie will receive more than $50,000 between them to enhance the quality and awareness of the lake. Mr. Combet said the Community Coastcare funding – part of the Rudd Government’s $2.25 billion Caring for our Country initiative - supports community organizations which are playing a vital role caring for, maintaining and promoting our coastal environment.” Lake Macquarie City Council received $30,703.64 to run Project AWARE on the Coast and Sunshine-Silverwater Landcare received $20,831.42, to address foreshore erosion and siltation control. “Climate change and other pressures such as declining water quality caused by the impact of human activity underline the need for the Government to continue to work in partnership with coastal communities to help ensure the future of Australia’s environment and build on improved land management practices,” Mr. Combet said.

“When you combine the substantial savings from this with the Rudd Government’s $10.4 billion Economic Security Package it will mean the economy will benefit from the joint efforts to stimulate growth.“The cumulative effect of interest rate cuts since September mean families have $600 a month more in their pockets if they’re paying off a $300,000 mortgage.“With this cut in official interest rates and the Economic Security Strategy payments coming through this month, many families in Charlton will certainly have a better Christmas than they otherwise would have in these tough economic times.The Economic Security Strategy will deliver $1400 for single pensioners and $2100 for pensioner couples, and $1000 per child for families on FTBA, in a direct payment before Christmas.

Caring for our Country

“Community-based coast care and Landcare groups play an important role linking government and community-based conservation efforts and this funding will help them to continue their valuable environmental work.” The funding can be used for a range of activities such as monitoring and improve water quality, reduce and managing invasive weeds, reduce the discharge of sediment and nutrients from developed land and support community networks to rehabilitate, restore and conserve beautiful coastal and aquatic environments. “By working together under Caring for our Country we will secure sustainable, resilient and productive coastal environments for everyone in Lake Macquarie to share now and into the future.”

Greg Combet

Member for Charlton today said families and businesses in Charlton would get an early Christmas bonus on their mortgage following the 1 percentage point cut in official interest rates.

Interest Rate Cut

Mr. Combet said the rate cut meant the Rudd Government and the Reserve Bank were working in unison to strengthen the Australian economy in the face of the global financial crisis.

Welcomes Christmas

Official interest rates have now been cut by 3 per cent since September and this latest cut is a well-deserved Christmas present for families and businesses in the Hunter.

Mr. Combet said the global financial crisis had already delivered a recession in Europe and Japan, and the US and UK were expected to follow.“We’ve been upfront about saying this will slow growth and threaten jobs here at home – that’s why it’s so important to do all we can to buffer Australia from the worst the world can throw at us.“Families and businesses in the Charlton can take heart from the fact that both the Government and the RBA are doing their bit to strengthen the economy and protect jobs.”

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